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"The fabulous guests"

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April 2 – international children's book day, in connection with this date, in the shilnebash Rural library was a literary family holiday "Fabulous guests" - under the auspices of "the Whole family in the library." The celebration was attended by family Barievykh – Carp, Maratovich, Prokopievich. The host of the event, the head of the rural library Barieva Nurzilya Nigmatovna: Today, heroes of Russian fairy tales came to visit us: a Fox, a Wolf, a Hare, Emelya, Cinderella, Red riding Hood, all sang a song of red riding Hood in a chorus. All the fabulous characters read to myself the verses and asking riddles. Also, there were questions "On Andersen's fairy tales", all participants of a holiday successfully answered questions of the leader. Our next hero is also known to all. He likes to dress very brightly. He wears yellow, Canary trousers, an orange shirt and a green tie. And, of course, a bright blue hat. Yes, it is dunno, especially in the library was decorated book exhibition dedicated to the writer N. N. Nosov, where are the books