Creative meeting with writers-members of the Union of writers of Tatarstan

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September is the month of the election of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. In connection with this responsibility, the Ministry of culture of the Republic organizes for residents of the cities and towns of cultural events.

In Nizhnekamsk one of the first activities of this program will be a creative meeting with a group of writers - members of the writers ' Union of the organization of Tatarstan (by the way, seven of whom are residents). This Facil Safin, Rashit Bashar, Alfiya Sitdikova, Lilac Yakupov, Faizullah Abdullin, Rifkat Imaev, Farit Imams, Mars Khafizov, Hussain Agyar, Galimzyan Valiev, Ildar Khairullin. The meeting will take place on 27 July at 15.00 hours on the agitation arena district No. 22 (World 17). We invite all concerned residents to participate in the conversation about the future of Tatarstan, listen to how contemporary writers reflect in their works the life of the people, its aspirations and hopes.