Literary environment dedicated to the world Day of Beauty

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Dear residents,
9 September 2015
We invite You to Park them. G. Tukay
in a Literary environment,
The World Day Of Beauty

In the program:
10.00-11.00 Excursion for preschoolers
"Living sculpture" on the works of G. Tukay
13.00-14.00 h Master class from the hairdresser
16.00-17.00 meeting with the poetess Ralia Karimova
17.00-17-30h Blitz-a journey through the eras of "Stomp cute"
17.30-18.00 Quiz "Look, outfit and aroma"
18.00-18.30 h Competition experts Proverbs
"From the face not to drink water"

During the event will run "Open MIC"
(anyone can recite a favorite poem)
Spend time in the Park educational and a good mood!