"Summer stage"

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Programme of events in the city Day on August 29

"Summer stage"

13.00. to 17.00.

11.00. – 12.00. – the participation of the entire team CBS and MBS in the city parade

Work platform "Summer stage"

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Flash mob for the opening on the stage

13.00 -13.30.

The opening will be local history quiz "We're proud of you Nizhnekamsk"

No. 30

Gibadullina G. Sh.

13.30. -14.00

Fun game with characters from fairy tales

No. 7

Pilichina S. N.

14.00 – 15.00

Meeting with young writers Kazan and Neb. Chelny:

Bulat Ibragimov,

Facilem Safin,

Fidelem Mazhitova,

Firuza Shaikhetdinova,

Fasila Sajdulaevoj

Central library,

Library. Number Gali

Kamaeva R. G.

Gibadullina G. Sh.

15.00 -15.20.

Lecture – concert "the Song, you are my joy"

Central children's library

Khasanov R. B.

15.20. -15. 50

The literary speech of the youth club Heading "Open MIC"

Literary youth club

But Ivanov

15.50. -16.10

Literary quiz "What do You know about books?"

No. 45

Sverlitskov Z. M.

16.10 -16.30

Literary marathon "By BLM. Literary wreath of Russia" (the works of the writers of the day – A. P. Chekhov, Minnullin T. and writers and poets literary Obedinenie "Kama tanari", "Danko")

No. 1

Sibgatullin E. I.

16.30 -17.00.

Ecological tale

"Tatarstan is our homeland, Nizhnekamsk is our home!"

F No. 47

Iskhakova G. M.

On the Playground "Shawl"

14.00 – 14 30

Literary quiz "Magic puzzles", "Fabulous relay"

No. 38

Shchekina Yu

14.30 -15.00

Quiz "Literary samvirke"

No. 4

Avonova S. N.

15.00 -15.30

Literary Lotto, the game "Crocodile"

No. 6

Vojvodina I. M.

13.00 – 17.00 – Book exhibition "book exchange"

Between performances a flash mob advertising magazines

Between performances information minutes, "There's this street" on the streets of our city