Городская библиотека семейного чтения №48

"Cognitive-speech development of children of senior preschool age".

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 works of library  of the domestic reading №48

on  August month  2015 year.





Name of event



on August, 6 12.00 hour

Day of specialist : "Cognitive-speech development of children  of senior preschool age". 

Voroninа A.K .


on August, 10


Day of future first-class Boy. Making a recommendation list of literature is "Child and book".

Gabzalilova N.V.


on August, 14

13.00 hour

Regional digression on the memorable places of city of Nizhnekamsk : "Histories breathing living". ( to the day of city).

Udovidskaya R.A.


on August, 27

Evening of memory : "Turns of сузле Туфан" - to the 80year from the day of birth of dramatist, publicman Т. Minnyllin.

Mincafina G.G.

on August, 28

The Informative table: Tatarstan-our the future" - to the 25year from the day of acceptance of Declaration about state sovereignty of Republic Tatarstan.

Valieva R.R.