Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 37

My small Homeland

To foster a sense of national pride and love for the motherland, to develop cognitive interest in the history and cultural heritage of their native land, the players were divided into two teams. Each came up with a name and a motto. The teams performed various thematic tasks at the stations, which differed in the level of complexity.

The game involved driving along a route of five stations, where consultants gave the teams hints about the location of the questions. At the station No. 1 "My Nizhnekamsk", questions about the city of Nizhnekamsk were presented. At the Station No. 2 "Rebusnaya" children solved puzzles about the streets of the city. There were also stations "Connoisseurs of Tatarstan", "Portrait", "Poetic" here the guys were offered poems by writers, where words were omitted. The guys had to find different words in rhyme and meaning.
The teams performed tasks that were evaluated in points. Boys and girls learned to cooperate with each other, to perform tasks collectively, getting to know each other better and better.