Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 37

"Library of the Future"

Today, a foresight session "Library of the Future" was held on the basis of school 19. The event was attended by students of the 8th "A" class consisting of 24 people.
Librarians told the children about educational institutions in Tatarstan, where you can study for the profession of librarian, which exams you need to take. Then we watched a video about the library system of Nizhnekamsk and what librarians do outside the walls of their libraries.
They also offered flyers – questionnaires "Your opinion is important to us", in order to find out what modern youth lives and what books they prefer.
The students were divided into teams and tried to determine what the library space could be, what competencies the librarian of the future should have.
At the end of the session, each team defended their project, where there were very interesting ideas such as: "drones", "robots" present a book, "Choose your zone", offered a corner of ecology