Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 37

my small homeland

A small homeland is closely connected with a person's childhood. It is here that he grows and gains experience, develops and becomes a person and an individual. Therefore, when a person grows up, he remembers his small homeland with warmth, because the best memories of a person are connected with this place. This is the first step, and the first word spoken, and the school where the whole childhood was spent, and the street where a person found close friends. When a person leaves his native places, he still constantly thinks about them, remembers and misses that time. The small motherland is a storehouse of human memories imbued with kindness and bright nostalgia.
The quest game helped children enrich their knowledge about their native land, replenish the piggy bank of interesting information about their small homeland, get informative information about outstanding personalities and writers of Nizhnekamsk. The students and librarians concluded that they need to love their "small Homeland", know its history, be proud of the heroes - countrymen who glorified their native land.