Городская библиотека - филиал № 1

The rules of use

1.1. These Rules have been developed according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Civil Code, the RF Law "fundamentals of legislation on culture", the Laws of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan "On librarianship", other legislative and normative documents of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Charter of the municipal budgetary institution "Centralized library system of Nizhnekamsk", municipal budget institution "Inter-library system of Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan" (hereinafter referred to as the Nizhnekamsk CBS).
1.2. Founder MBU "CBS Nizhnekamsk", MBU "MBS Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the RT is the Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.
1.3. Library Nizhnekamsk CBS is a non - profit organization funded from the community budget, have replicated the Fund documents intended for public use and permanent storage.
1.4. Library Nizhnekamsk CBS is informational, cultural, educational and leisure institutions performing functions: generation, storage and delivery to users of libraries of different kinds of papers on all branches of knowledge, taking into account the interests and needs of its users.
1.5. Library Nizhnekamsk CBS operates in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, the normative acts of the Ministry of culture and mass communications of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, the Charter of the MBU and the real "Rules".
1.6. "The rules of library use" govern the overall organization of service users in Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk district, the rights and obligations of libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS and users.

2.1. Users Nizhnekamsk CBS have the right to be both physical and legal entities (enterprises, institutions, firms). All library users have the right of free access to library and select sectoral structural units in accordance with their needs and interests.
2.1.1. Users specialized children's Nizhnekamsk branch of Central library, Central children's library can be minor citizens from 0 to 16 years old (preschoolers and the 1-9 grades of secondary schools), their parents, professionals working with children who have a professional attitude towards children's literature and children's reading, students of educational institutions in the field of culture" or "pedagogy" (Civil code of the Russian Federation (further GK), article 26 (paragraph 1), article 28 (1, 3). FZ, articles 7 (paragraph 4), article 5 (paragraph 1), article 8 (paragraph 4)).
2.1.2. Users Nizhnekamsk CBS children's and youthful age are entitled to library services in special libraries, public libraries, family type, rural branch Nizhnekamsk CBS.
2.2. Library users have the right to be served in both official languages of the Republic of Tatarstan.
2.3. Citizens with temporary registration in the city of Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk district, enjoy reading rooms for free, lending library on bail.
2.4. Legal persons shall enjoy the libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS on the basis of contracts. (FZ, article 13 (6)).
2.5. The main document that gives the right to use funds Nizhnekamsk CBS is the library form.
2.6. Library users have the right to receive free of charge:

•detailed information on the composition of the funds through a system of catalogues and card indexes Nizhnekamsk CBS, other forms of library information;
• information on the availability to the Fund of a particular document;
• Advisory assistance in search and selection of information sources;
• the temporary use of any document from the collections of the CBS Nizhnekamsk
or a copy on paper or other media in a form that does not allow commercial reproduction of the document by the user or other persons. (FZ, article 7; Federal law "On copyright and related rights", article 19, paragraph 2);
• to use the interlibrary loan service.
2.7. Users Nizhnekamsk CBS have the right to the provision of paid services in accordance with the "regulations on paid services in MBU "CBS Nizhnekamsk" and MBU "MBS Nizhnekamsk municipal district", approved by the Director of CLS.
2.8. Library users also have the right:

• to participate in all events held in libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS;
• to elect and be elected to public libraries Board; to participate in the report libraries to the public on the results of the year;
• to Express their views and judgments about the work of libraries and individual employees;
• to make proposals for the improvement of libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS, the improvement of its structure;
• persons awarded orders, the disabled of all categories and participants of the great Patriotic war, Veterans of labor have the right to extraordinary and free maintenance;
• disability services, where appropriate, can be carried out directly from them at home among the library staff;
• to challenge in court the actions of officials who infringe upon their rights.

3.1. Users Nizhnekamsk CBS are obliged to abide by the Rules of library use, to respect the work of employees (FZ, article 9).
3.2. Users who have violated the Rules and caused damage to the library (physical damage of documents, document loss, or violation of terms of return of documents taken, which entails an infringement of the rights of other library users) should be compensated in the following order:
3.2.1. In case of loss or damage of documents from the collections of the library must:

• to replace them with the same library or recognized equivalent;
• if replacement is to recover their costs from the calculation of the market value of the lost document at a given time;
• to reimburse the cost of a copy of the lost or damaged document.
3.2.2. In case of late return of books and the failure to extend the period of use to the reader apply the measures stipulated in sections 7.7 and 7.8. of these Rules.
3.2.3.For the loss of printed works and other documents from the collections of libraries, causing irreparable damage or harm and violation of terms of return of documents by minors is the responsibility of their parents, guardians, educational institution, educational and medical institutions under the supervision of which they are composed. (Civil code, article 22 (4.1)).
3.2.3. In case of late return of books and the failure to extend the period of use to the reader apply the measures stipulated in sections 7.7 and 7.8. of these Rules.
3.2.4. In other cases of damage to property or personnel of the library users are responsible in accordance with applicable law. (GC, CC).
3.3. Upon receipt of the document, the user must:

• carefully review and, in case of detection of any defects, inform the librarian, who shall make the appropriate mark on the document;
• take care of the documents from the holdings of the libraries is not to make any marks, not to pull and not to bend the pages, not to remove from the premises of libraries (branches) if the documents furnished by the librarian, return them in a timely manner;
• to sign for each received document libraries (except for preschoolers) in the form.
3.4. The form of the reader, a book form, a piece of period return is a document certifying the date and facts of issuing and receiving documents librarian.
3.5. Within the period prescribed MBU "CBS Nizhnekamsk" and MBU "MBS Nizhnekamsk municipal district", the user must re-register the library documents upon presentation of a passport. By the time of re-registration, the reader must repay the debt in the structural units of the libraries. Persons in arrears are not allowed to use the library until full repayment of the debt.
3.6. The user is also required:

• treat the property of the libraries;
• not to violate the placement of funds in departments with open access to them, not to remove cards from catalogs and card indexes;
• do not enter in street clothes in the premises of the library;
• do not add to the library of the large bags, backpacks, packages, etc. (they must be left in the wardrobe);
• to observe the rules of conduct in public places.

4.1. The library has the right:

• approve by consent the Founder (MU Department of culture of the Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan) "Rules library";
• to develop the content and forms of professional activity in accordance with the goals and objectives specified in the Law of RT "On librarianship" and the Charter;
• independently handling Finance, human resources;
• to determine the sources of acquisition funds, except mandatory copy;
• to carry out economic activities in order to expand the list provided to the users of the library services and social and creative development of the library, provided it is not detrimental to the core business;
• to withdraw and sell the documents from their collections, in addition to the documents referred to the cultural and historical values in accordance with the procedure of the exception documents and regulatory and legal acts;
• to determine the types and amounts of compensation for moral and material damages incurred by the user of the library; to determine the amount of the bond; the cost of additional paid services (the law of the RT "On libraries and librarianship" PT. 12);
• to determine the conditions of use of the library Fund on the basis of contracts with individuals and legal entities;
• collaborate with the libraries of other departments, to conduct interlibrary book exchange;
• to perform other actions not contradicting the law.
5.1. The library must:

• to be guided in its activities by the principles of humanism, political and ideological pluralism;
• reflect in their activities prevailing in the society ideological and political diversity;
• to familiarize the user with the "Rules of the Library";
• to ensure the safety of the library Fund in the first place especially valuable part of local history documents, the national and cultural heritage;
• to create conditions for the implementation of the user's rights to free access to information and documents from the collections of the libraries, to ensure high standards of service;
• explore and more fully to meet the needs of users (do not use information about the user and his reading in all cases, except for scientific purposes);
• to carry out bibliographical and information services subject to the requirements of the time;
• to contribute to the formation of users ' information needs, to take measures to attract users to the library;
• systematically monitor the timely return to the library issued documents;
• perform accounting, storage and use of the library collections in accordance with established rules, ensuring their conservation and sustainable use. (FZ, article 12);
• maintain statistical records in accordance with established government forms;
• to report on their professional activities to the founders.

6.1. The entry in the Library upon presentation of an identity document. Children under 14 years are registered on the basis of the document proving the identity of their legal representatives (passport), and their sureties (statements). (Civil code, article 26 (paragraph 1), article 28 (para 1,3). FZ, articles 7 (paragraph 4)).
6.2. When recording to the Library, the user must read the "Rules of library use" and to reaffirm their commitment of his signature in the reader.
6.3. Parents, guardians, Trustees or other legal representatives should be familiar with the Rules of library use and in writing (by signing the statement) duty to assure compliance.
6.4. When writing to the library the reader is given a library form, which gives the right to use the library and other services. On the form be sure to indicate the name of the reader, recording date, number of form data, etc., which are available on the form of the form. The serial number of the reader of the library or its services is reserved for him until the end of the year.
6.5. When change of residence, change of name and other changes, the reader should report it to the library.

7.1. Subscription - form of personal service for the issuing of documents for use outside the Library for a certain period and under certain conditions.
7.2. Students from the 1st class and then sign in their log that they know the rules and they agree to abide by them.
7.3. For each received document, the user (except for preschoolers and students in grades 1-4) must sign the form. When returning the documents painted reader is retired librarian signature.
7.4. The user can receive at one time not more than 5 copies of books, films, magazines (bail - no more than 3 copies of each type of publications) for a period of 10 days (children's library), for a period of 15 days (for adults libraries).
7.5.All publications issued by readers at home, written in the form, shall contain: the date of issuance, inventory number of the document, its index, the author and the title of the work.
7.6. The period of use of documents may be extended not more than twice, if there is no demand from other users. May be renewed by phone.
7.7. The administration of the library is obliged to systematically monitor the timely return to the library issued documents:

• after 30 days the librarian reminds the reader (in writing or by telephone) about the necessity of return of documents;
• readers who fail to return books after the first reminder, Ceres-10 days second warning is sent;
• to the readers who fail to return books after the second reminder, the library is taking steps societal impact: the sending home of an employee of the library or the activist, the treatment at the place of work or school delinquent, etc.;
• the next instance - the recourse to the judiciary.
7.7.1 If the documents are not returned for a valid reason, the library can apply administrative measures:

• to deprive of the right to use the subscription permanently or for a fixed term (not less than 2 months); (FZ-art 13;GC-V. 12,15,article 330);
• translate the reader care only in the reading room.
7.7.2 Persons in arrears are not allowed to use the library until full repayment of the debt.
7.8. In case of late return of books and the failure to extend the period of use, the reader must reimburse:

• postage for a postcard-a reminder of the debt and for the public transportation in the case of librarian visits at home as delinquent (regulations on paid services in libraries MBU "Central library, Nizhnekamsk", MBU "MBS Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the RT)
7.9. In case of loss or damage is taken of a document, the user compensates for the damages in accordance with clause 3.2. of these Rules.

8.1. A reading room, a subdivision of the library room for reading and providing opportunities to use printed matter and other documents in the library.
8.2. Reading rooms provide the right to use any document from the collections of the library or its copy on paper or other media.
8.3. The number of documents issued to the user in the reading rooms, is not limited.
8.4. Rare and valuable editions, unique copies of documents, documents received from other libraries or copies on paper or other media, are issued only in the reading rooms.
8.5. The papers taken in the reading room, not allowed to take in other departments of the library. The exceptions are the documents requested by the user for copying. The suitability of a document to the copier determines a librarian of reading room.
8.6. The books received from the Foundation reading room, readers painted on the forms, and periodicals may be issued without the signature of the readers.Readers of preschool age and pupils of schools from 1st through 4th grades in the received literature in the forms are not mapped.
8.7. In the reading rooms serving readers-children, record of publications issued in the mandatory forms;
8.8. For damages to other funds, the user shall be liable in accordance with clause 3.2 of these Rules.

9.1. Right to use the library on a specific (not less than 2 months) or permanent life denied in the following cases (FZ - art 13; GC - V. 12, 15, article 330):
9.1.1. The systematic violation of the library of the terms of return books without a good reason.
9.1.2. When deliberate damage to property of the library.
9.1.3. If the user refuses to compensate.
9.1.4. When the unethical behavior of the user in the library impeding the activities of other users