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Become a member of the literary flashmob #Chelnychitayuttukaya

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April 13 Centralized library system with the support of Department of culture of Naberezhnye Chelny launches a literary flashmob #Canicultura #Charitability, timed to the birthday of the Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai.

The flashmob is a virtual event that everyone can take part in. Participant of the flash Mob joins the community #Canicultura#Charitability "Vkontakte".

To participate in the flash Mob need to do a video of reading the book or recitation in memory of the works of G. Tukai, lasting no more than 1 minute and post with the hashtags #Tuckaleechee#ItemData#Kulturnyheterna#Bibliotecile shorts on his page in Instagram. In the description or comments to the publication, you must specify the user by typing the @ sign, then their nickname (kultura_chelny and librarycbs_chelny).

After recording and publishing, you need to pass the baton to other people. The performances of the participants of the flash Mob can be individual as well as family, in Russian and Tatar languages.

The flash mob will be supported by famous artists, theater artists, writers, managers and employees of cultural institutions of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

The position of the flash Mob #Canicultura#Charitability

Contact information of flashmob organizers

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