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Network campaign of memory and glory " War in the fate of my family»

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From March 26 to April 26, the Central city library holds a network Campaign of memory and glory "War in the fate of my family".

Everyone is invited to participate in the Campaign.

A participant of the Campaign joins the "War in the fate of my family" community on Vkontakte and puts up a photo of a relative-a participant in the great Patriotic war or a home front worker with the following information: full name, years of life, military rank, places of battle, or type of work in the rear, awards.

Publications are accompanied by the hashtags: #75летпобеды #godumalai Velijyaminovskaya #Malikabad #Chelnyvodokanal #of teniposide #win #победа75 #veterans #istoricheskaia #mypanel #history #memory #may 9

Information about the content, progress and results of the Campaign is reflected in the news feeds of the Vkontakte community "War in the fate of my family".

The result of the Campaign will be the creation of an electronic Immortal regiment.

For questions about the Promotion, please contact: e-mail: cbs-nko@mail.ru

Responsible for the campaign National and local history Department of the Central city library of MBU "CBS": Naberezhnye Chelny, Yamashev Boulevard, 4/14 A.

Contact person: gaynutdinova Rezeda Razimovna, phone for reference: 89534944406