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Creative evening "Writer for the future"

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1 December at 14.00 in the Central city library will host a creative evening of the journalist-historian Saniya Safina "Writer for the future."

Thanks for Adamovna Safina is a gifted journalist and writer deep-graved with imaginative, concise, documented the exact language. About her we can say – a man that created himself... From a shy girl from a large family she became the master of words, editor and publisher, a member of the Union of journalists of Russia and Tatarstan. It is the author of more than ten documented local history books, including "Live, my Lubyany!" (Kazan, 2005), "the national Park "lower Kama" (Kazan, 2003, et al.), "KAMAZ-metallurgy: history in the faces and the facts" (Kazan, 2006, et al.), "Firstborn KAMAZ: people, events" (Karl, 2007), "Music" (Kazan, 2010), "Kukmor valenki" (Kazan, 2016). She is editor and author of articles in the sections "Social security", "Culture", "Physical culture and sport" of the first unique scientific reference book "encyclopedia of Naberezhnye Chelny" (Kazan, 2007).

S. A. Safin became one of the organizers of the regional local history society "the bottom Kama". Local history society for ten years managed to unite the local history of nearby cities of Elabuga, Zainsk, Mendeleevsk, Menzelinsk, Nizhnekamsk and became regional. Throughout the life of Saniya Safina is a chronicler of the history of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, the writer of human destiny. She writes for the future, for those who will replace the current generation: for researchers, collectors of history, patriots of homeland. And, today, Sania Safina as a true creative person, continues to work on the books, is in constant search of interesting people and events.

Invite all admirers of her talent!