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Leisure time fair "to Us of year it doesn't matter!"

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6 October at 14.00 in the Central city library will host the fair of leisure for the older generation "We, the – never mind!".

In the program:

- The official opening ceremony with a concert and presentations of the institutions that organize the leisure of pensioners;

- Recreation sites: a master class in choral singing "let's sing, friends!"; phyto-master-class "Autumn bouquet of leaves"; master class "Second life of unnecessary things"; the retro-disco; a tea conversation.

At our fair entertainment every veteran can choose something you love to make crafts with their hands, sing and listen to music, dance, or just socialize and drink a Cup of tea. Leisure time fair "to Us of year it doesn't matter!" is a time of active rest and pleasant communication.

Come! We are always happy!