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  • Address: 423807 РТ, г.Набережные Челны, б-р Ямашева, 4/14А Проезд: трамваем до остановки «ДК "Энергетик"», автобусом до остановки «Гостиница Татарстан» или «Парк культуры»

City photo contest "Libselfie" Chelny.RF/news_fix/gorodskoy-fotokonkurs-libselfie/

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Centralized library system with the support of the culture Department from 1 August to 19 September and invites you to take part in the city contest "Libselfie" residents of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, regardless of age, gender, occupation and Hobbies. The participants create and provide for evaluation of softography – selfie made by them on the background of buildings and (or) in the interiors of libraries. For participation in competition it is necessary to come to any library MBU TSBS city and to make selfi on the background of the library interior (books, shelves) or librarians (find the library on the literary map http://библиотека-челны.рф/maps/lit_map/).
The author of the photo with the 19.09.2017 to g. more number of likes in the Facebook group "Central city library of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny", will receive a diploma and a valuable prize.
Awarding of the photo contest will take place on 21 September at the town festival of books "Book a planner" on the Boulevard of Enthusiasts.

More details can be found on the website: http://библиотека-челны.рф/news_fix/gorodskoy-fotokonkurs-libselfie/