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Мeeting with poet Razina Saetgarayeva

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As you know, any book begins with a writer. His fantasy makes us sad, rejoice, reason, think. It is very good when there is an opportunity to meet a writer, to get acquainted with a person who knows how to revive his thoughts and dreams.

On November 30, 2022, the Central City Library will host a meeting with an interesting person, a poet of our region, a member of the Writers' Union of the Republic of Tatarstan Razina Saetgarayeva.

During the event, the poetess will introduce guests to her work and read poems of her own composition, share interesting facts from life. The meeting with the poetess will be attended by colleagues in the writer's workshop Z. Islamova, R. Gilyazeva, M. Safin, etc.

We hope that the meeting with the poetess will bring a lot of positive emotions to everyone present and will be an amazing and interesting discovery for many!
Come, admission is free.

Razina Saetgarayeva is the author of five books, the lyrics of about 50 songs, music for many of them, has released two music cds. Her songs are included in the repertoire of such talented artists of our stage as Venera Ganieva, Alfina Azgamova, Indiva, Ilnar Saifiev, Ilsia Badretdinova and many others. Also, the poet-composer is the author of the anthem of the Tukayevsky district, dedicated songs to dozens of villages and villages of the district.