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Interior painting "Cosmic sky"

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If you are looking for an interesting creative hobby, tired of everyday life and want to relieve stress or tension, learn new things, make something beautiful with your own hands, and experience life in all its colors and diversity - the art department of the city library invites you to the workshop of artistic creativity "Cozy House". Under the strict guidance of professional artist Elena Pervunina, you will learn how to create original and interesting crafts with your own hands that will delight you, your family and friends. She introduces various techniques of decorative, applied and fine arts, uses an individual approach to each participant. It's easy to decorate the space around you, your house, your room! It is necessary to create an interior picture. To do this, you do not need to know complex techniques and you can make an interesting picture in an hour. The participants of the lesson are invited to show scope and creativity, which is important when performing such an interior element. The painting is painted with acrylic paints in a fast and