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  • Address: 423807 РТ, г.Набережные Челны, б-р Ямашева, 4/14А Проезд: трамваем до остановки «ДК "Энергетик"», автобусом до остановки «Гостиница Татарстан» или «Парк культуры»

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The perception of modern art is associated with a lot of difficulties. Why do you think a frank "daub" costs a lot of money? Why don't everyone create their own "Black Square"? Do you think that Raphael's art is clearer than modern art? Why are you absolutely not touched by a recognized masterpiece? Can the creations of some contemporary artists be called art? These and many other issues will be addressed in a live broadcast dedicated to sensational works of the 20th and 21st centuries.