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  • Address: 423807 РТ, г.Набережные Челны, б-р Ямашева, 4/14А Проезд: трамваем до остановки «ДК "Энергетик"», автобусом до остановки «Гостиница Татарстан» или «Парк культуры»

"The library gathers friends" for an open day in the Central City Library

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The day will begin with an exciting journey to the book country for young readers. They will become participants of the literary game "Open the book – miracles will begin" (6+) during which they will answer the questions of a literary quiz, solve crosswords, imagine themselves as the heroes of their favorite fairy tales.
The Literary and local history Museum will introduce the library's guests to the fund and to the founder of the museum, Mansur Safin, with the work of the poet, local historian, author of more than fifty books.
The extensive program of the Information Day "Library to help the future teacher-philologist" (18+) consists of a multimedia presentation "Nekrasov – the voice of the people"; a literary quiz "Rediscovering Nekrasov"; a book and illustrative exhibition "Nekrasov-a poet and a citizen" and a sightseeing tour of the library.
For young readers, Alice, the Hatter and the Cheshire Cat will introduce the library and librarians, play games and get acquainted with the book collection during the theatrical excursion "Journey to Wonderland!".
During the information hour "Gasyrlardan gasyrlarga kilgan kitap suze" (12+), guests will get acquainted with the history of the book, the book fund, the library and its services.
The art conversation "I can do this too" will present a brief overview of the artistic trends and creativity of artists of the XX and XXI centuries and modern art. The consolidation will be a master class on creating your own suprematist composition.
The Open Day will end with a literary and musical evening "Golden Fall of Autumn" (18+), where songs and poems about autumn will be performed by artists and members of the Veteran club. Participants will share their experience during the contest of dacha achievements "It's not a shame to brag about the harvest!", get acquainted with the exhibition of books on gerontology "The Golden Age of life".