Городская библиотека - филиал № 5

Literary riddles «Connoisseurs of Books»

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The children of the school camp will visit the stations "Igrovaya", "Bibliotechnaya", "Skazochnaya", where they will find fun questions, games, tasks and competitions in which book readers will be able to test their ingenuity and knowledge of literature. And at the Skazochnaya station, they will open a suitcase with riddles and visit their favorite characters. During the game, mini-contests will also be held: "Riddles about fairy-tale heroes", "Fairy-tale Marathon", "Find out the work", "Literary shifters". The quiz "Guess a fairy tale by events" will make someone break their head over the search for the right answers, and someone, maybe, will cheer up. As a result, the best book experts will be revealed, but everyone will enjoy the competition!