Библиотечно-информационный центр № 1

"Your Majesty is a Library"

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On May 27, the Library and Information Center No. 1 will host the "Your Majesty the Library" holiday dedicated to the All-Russian Library Day. Visitors will learn about the history of the holiday, about the very first libraries of Ancient Egypt, the Library of Alexandria, about the importance of books and the role of libraries in the modern world, as well as about the profession of librarian, which appeared with the emergence of the first book depositories. The participants of the holiday will plunge into the atmosphere of miracles and adventures. They will have unexpected meetings with fairy-tale characters, outdoor games, the game "Daisy", during which children will tear off the petals and read on them the tips of the magic flower concerning reading and books. Overcoming numerous obstacles in literary quizzes, creative tasks, fairy-tale contests, children will receive a lot of positive emotions and impressions.