Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 17

He is our poet, he is our glory

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8 February 10.00-16.00 hours, the library will host a poetry reading, "He's our poet, he is our glory", dedicated to the 110th anniversary since the birth of the Tatar poet – hero Musa Jalil.

Invited pre-schoolers aged 3 to 7 years .

Applications for participation in competition are accepted until February 5, 2016 at the following address:

street Tatarstan, d. 24 , kV. 213 (50/02 – square 213)
Telephone: 32-71 - 64, CBS_filial17@mail.ru

Contestants include presentations

one composition of any genre in Tatar or Russian languages:

the work of Musa Jalil;
a work dedicated to Musa Dzhalil;
literary composition devoted to Musa Dzhalil.