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An hour of communication "Let's give rays of good"

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On December 02, the library will host an event dedicated to the International Day of the Disabled. The presenter will tell the children about people who, despite their illnesses, have achieved great success in life. The children will take part in the quiz game "Do good to others for the good", will consider the images of literary heroes who have done good deeds. Also, children together with the heroine of V. Kataev's fairy tale "Tsvetik- semitsvetik" will come up with good deeds that they can do. At the exhibition, students will be presented such books as "The Flower – Semitsvetik" by V. Kataev, "The Blind Musician" by V.G. Korolenko, fairy tales by G.H. Andersen "The Persistent Tin Soldier", "The Ugly Duckling", etc. At the end of the event, the guys will write their sincere, good wishes to people with disabilities.