Городская библиотека - филиал № 15

"The peculiarity of Victor Astafiev's prose»

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We invite adults to the oral magazine "Feature of Victor Astafiev's prose". The evening will be held on November 15 at 14: 00 in the communication club "Spring". The journal will consist of three pages. The first page of the magazine "Siberian nugget" will tell about interesting facts from the life of Viktor Petrovich. The second page of the magazine "Astafiev's Living word" will tell about the prose writer's work.  The last page of the oral magazine "Our last bow" will tell about the memorable places in honor of the writer. Visitors of the event will be an opportunity to discuss the works read "Cursed and killed", "King - fish", "the Last bow", "Lyuda"; read excerpts from the stories "Soldier and mother", "Life", "Drop leaf", "Ode to Russian vegetable garden" and take part in videovictoria "traces Astafiev".