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Game program "Folk motives"

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During the summer holidays, the children can spend their leisure time in an exciting and useful way, visiting the peoples of Russia. They will go on an exciting journey to the land of books, cartoons, folk traditions and customs. The children will be met by a presenter in a Tatar national costume. With the help of fun folk games, contests and quizzes, she will introduce them the culture and traditions of Tatars, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Chuvash and other nationalities. Especially children will like the Tatar game "Painter and paints", the Bashkir game "Pigeons", the Mari game "Shergashym Shylten", in which they will take an active part and have fun. Boys and girls will also be able to remember the folk holidays Sabantuy, Nardugan, Maslenitsa, Navruz, Pitrau, Ivan Kupala and Rook porridge, which are also held in our city. Representatives of the peoples of Altai and the Urals, Mari and Russian in national costumes will visit the library. They will tell the children about the most unusual holidays and rituals of their people.

Russian beautiful girl Alyonushka will offer to recall oral folk art and children can stage the Russian folk tale "Turnip". The event will end with watching the Chuvash cartoon "Volga heroes. Ivan Batyr".