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Heroes favorite books

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Our library announces a creative contest of drawings and crafts "Heroes of favorite books." The competition is held from April 19 to may 22, 2017 and is dedicated to the Russian Day of libraries. We invite children of preschool and younger school age to participate in the contest! Heroes of children's books is familiar to you from early childhood. Who does not know the good of Leopold, the cunning of a Wolf or a Ball with a camera gun? Each of you have a favorite book that you probably read dozens of times, and some pages I know by heart! In this competition, we invite you to draw or create crafts literary heroes, which are particularly dear to you. Waiting for your creative works and wish you success! Applications for participation in competition are accepted until may 15, 2017 (see Annex 1) to the address: Naberezhnye Chelny, PR. Syuyumbike, D. 87. (New town, D. 49/16) Phone for inquiries: 8 (8552) 56-28-25, E-mail: CBS_filiall4@mail.ru