Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 14

"Be a friend of the library"

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The open day will begin with an excursion for preschoolers "We are no longer kids, we read from the heart!" During the event, the children will learn about the library - an amazing house where books live, learn the rules of using the library. Children will see colorful books, participate in the quiz "My favorite books", get acquainted with the book exhibition "Planet of Childhood". For elementary school students, a literary acquaintance "Journey into the world of a new book" will be held, where the children will meet with new publications that have entered the library. For young readers, the exhibition "We advise you to read", tables-views "Through the book – into the world of nature", "School stories"will be offered. Also, children will learn which literature is in demand, which books are informative, and which modern authors write well and interestingly. The final event will be an educational and entertaining game "Amazing country-library", which will lead the children through the halls of the library, conditionally divided: "Historical", "Folklore" and "Literary", where they will have the opportunity to participate in various competitions and quizzes. They will "go" on a historical journey through the city of Naberezhnye Chelny; they will participate in the competition "Proverbs and riddles of the Russian people". During the slide presentation "There, on unknown paths", the children will learn about mythical heroes: vodyanoi, kikimore, brownie, etc. In the" Literary " Hall, they will get acquainted with the works of writers living in Tatarstan.