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Terrorism: in the web of evil

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A round table devoted to the Day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism will be held for young people. Participants will be introduced to books and materials from periodicals containing information about the main types of terror, the causes of its occurrence, the rules of conduct in the event of a terrorist act, the legislative framework of the Russian Federation in the fight against terror. The librarian will talk about the origin of the word "terror", remember the tragic days of Beslan, Moscow, Rostov, St. Petersburg; the event will touch on the concepts of "information terror", "extremist literature". Everyone will be able to actively join the discussion of terrorism, information pressure on the younger generation, talk about dangerous cases with strangers from life.

And also will be considered types of terrorism and its manifestation: religious, international, criminal, etc. Despite the complex topic, will be discussed such questions: "What kind of terrorism prevails in Russia?"How not to become a victim of a terrorist attack? What is the civil guard? At the round table, it will be possible to ask questions and get useful information that will help, if not completely avoid the terrorist threat, at least significantly reduce the likelihood of negative consequences for themselves and their loved ones.