Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 10

Big space travel

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In the city children's library will host informative game of "Big space travel", devoted to the cosmonautics Day. At the time the library would become a spaceship, and students in space travellers. The captain of the spaceship will become a librarian, which will introduce children to the history of the holiday. Starship troopers first land on the planet "Cosmos", where children will be invited exhibition-acquaintance with the world of space "Calling outer space", the guys talk about the rocket, space station, spacesuit, and how the astronauts eat in zero gravity. On the planet of "Space puzzles" children will answer questions from space quiz, solve a crossword puzzle "Towards the stars", solve the cryptogram from space. During the journey, children will meet with space pirates. Condition for the return to Earth will be the job of the pirates is to draw space monsters. Upon returning to their home planet they will find a surprise – an electronic presentation of "journey to the planets of the Solar system".