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Ryabinkin 's name day

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September 23 - the name day of rowan. The library invites you to folklore gatherings.

The ryabinka girl will tell the participants of the event about her name days, which are celebrated four times a year, about what traditions and customs are associated with this holiday. Library guests will learn a lot of interesting and informative things about mountain ash, because it was considered a symbol of happiness and peace in the family, so it was always planted near the house.

Many proverbs, sayings and phrases about mountain ash will be heard at the event. The participants of the gatherings will be able to guess a lot of riddles on the autumn theme, lead round dances around a rowan girl, participate in contests and fun, listen to "Dunya's fairy tale about rowan" by Yuri Koval.

As a gift, all participants will receive a real amulet – a rowan brush