Biblionight - 2017

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If you are tired of boring everyday life and do not know how interesting it is to spend time on weekends, if you are drawn to adventure, then come to us.

On April 21, our library invites everyone to the Bibliotech holiday! Only on this day you can look at the library with different eyes. For you, all the doors are open!

In a Programme:

Literary playground "Detailed Reading" an excerpt from the play "Chamkylar" based on the work of T. Hizzat
Meeting with interesting people. For the first time in our library the poetess and composer E. Gilfanov with the presentation of a new book.
Quest "Wandering through the Bookland".
"Melodies of our heart" Concert program
"Poetic freestyle" meeting with the poets LITO "Vector of the word."
Book free-market - take yourself home free of charge book from the shelf "Bookcrossing".