Feat in the name of Culture

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 April 16, 2016 at 14.00 goals in GBUK RT "Republican Youth Library " will be held a round table dedicated to the International Day of Culture and the 90th anniversary of the birth of the scientist , historian , researcher of life and work of Roerich LV Shaposhnikova . The round table will be attended by teachers of higher educational institutions and schools of Kazan , Kazan universities , students , employees and readers of the library .

• Creative way Shaposhnikova LV : service to high ideals " - Galliamova DI, post-graduate student of the Center of the Academy of Sciences of RT studies;
 • "Meta-historical meaning of the Roerich Pact" - IP Egorov , Senior Researcher, Federal State Unitary Enterprise " Central Research Institute Geolnerud " , candidate of geological - mineralogical sciences ;

• "Рrophetic picture of Nicholas Roerich in the writings of L. Shaposhnikova" - BG Zaitsev , Chairman of Tatarstan Roerich cultural associations ;
• "The Roerich Pact . History and the Present" : a documentary film ; 
• "Ancient shores Tauris" : a creative meeting with the artist S.B.Medvedevoy : - EV Gusev , chief librarian GBUK RT "Republican Youth Library " Medvedev SV, artist ;

• "Nikolai Karamzin" : the history of creation and demonstration of the film devoted to the Year of Russia in Karamzin - EV Gusev , chief librarian GBUK RT "Republican Youth Library " ; 
• "Meet the Youth Library!" - Tour of the Republican Youth Library - EV Gusev , chief librarian GBUK RT "Republican Youth Library ." We invite all lovers of beauty. Free admission.
 Coordinator: Ekaterina V. Gusev , chief librarian of innovation and methodical department GBUK RT "Republican Youth Library ." Tel .: 523-55-09 .